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The Albin Ballad Project

The Albin Ballad 30′ Sloop that was mostly redone under a tarp and in a few small workshops over the winter of 2012-13  in Marblehead, MA.  It was launched in July, and in October sailed south for warmer weather.  The pics below and ongoing blog reflect the boat, people, and places involved.

Gutted Galley Engine gut alana sand alana sand 2 Frame Tarp int alana sand 2 West System Used Yanmar Strut Replacement Throttle trans Transmission nuts and bolts motor mockup motor up coupling aft coupling 2 Back together back together 2 alana sand Yanmar installed ice Launch 1 Mast launch Launch 3 3 blade chart table bow laz stern Tiller pilot emergency liferaft zray zray 1 zray 2 Underway crew Crew 2


2 thoughts on “The Albin Ballad Project

  1. Nice blog! Thanks for all the photos. We are gutting and rebuilding a 1972 Ballad in Wyoming, destined for Mexico & points West. It is good to see both the process & results. Have you visited the Ballad Exchange discussion board? It is a quiet & civil place. Your presence would be very welcome.

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