Two days in Beaufort, SC. at 75 degrees F. in late November.Beaufort SC 3 Beaufort SC 2 Beaufort, SC Beaufort SC 4

I pressed the tightly wound Campbell Sailor propeller (sleeved to the shaft, bolted to the transmission, geared to the engine, and finally mounted to Sedna via four rumbling rubber motor mounts) against several hours of swift inter coastal current to finally anchor at Hilton Head’s Broad Creek. I’ve been here for about a month.Broad Creek
What have I been up too? Well, within a few days of poking around at the local yacht club I found some work on a dry docked charter boat that was having extensive maintenance performed. Feeling right at home in the bilge I spent the next two weeks cleaning out several chambers full of wet muck, then I went at some electrical re-wiring and engine work. Once the boat launches in a several weeks I may also be one of it’s captains, taking tourists on a 2 hour tour of the local area to see dolphins and such.

The local yacht club and marina have been hospital to me, and there’s a hot shower whenever I need it.   I’ve made friends with a bachelor named Morris and his dog Boomer who live in one of the many gated communities nearby, and I’ve crashed there a few times to thwart the cold heebie jeebies.

Morris and Boomer
He has 30 year’s worth of stuff in his garage and an old Mercedes 240d that hasn’t been started in 16, so I’ve been organizing the place and preparing the car to run again. The first challenge was to unbury it then to get the hood open, and now I’m working on the frozen ignition/wheel lock. The hubs are also locked, and of course I’ll drain all the fuel, change the filters, then I’m going to run pure Seafoam through it and hopefully de-gum the injectors/lines/pump. Vrrroom!

My goal has been to make and save some money then purchase a new jib and mainsail. I’m doing alright at the first part, and I’m working on the saving up part.
I have no particular plans this winter other than to live well, and so far I’m doing alright with that. I miss some people.
The boat is holding up well considering I’ve stopped sailing and have just lived on it for the last month. My primary Lewmar winches need a serious once over and I’ve purchased some waterproof bearing grease, solvent and light gear oil to service them. It’s time to change the motor oil/filter, and the Raycor as well. There’s a few window leaks I should caulk, but the boat is mainly dry.
I bootlegged an old mooring/ball and interconnected it with a Danforth , while twice a day a rather strong tidal current swings Sedna agains’t her chomped bit.
This evening there’s a high wind and a wind chill warning that’s bobbing us about as the current and wind are at odds with my freeboard and keel.
The Honda 2HP outboard and Zray inflatable have held up well. I’ve dragged the robust dink in some rougher than I should have seas and nothing has torn apart, while the motor continues to start on the first or third pull, depending on how I feel about it.

December Moon

Broad Creek 2