Her sail’s aloft in somber air

Sedna slips amidst the inviolate sea

Her bear skinned crew affronts November wind’s wail

Wrapped o’er seal skinned layers

Fat as a determined fall crane

hoping to spring from each new winter’s front

Only to fly south toward a sun that is suddenly too hot

Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the sea, has been chosen as the name of this vessel, an Albin Ballad 30 foot sloop designed and build by the Swedish around four decades ago.

Her sustained spirit, nestled beneath a thousand fridge d fathoms, has been conjured to contest and negate the effects of the human species as they stir her oceanic slumber.

Sedna is from the north and dwells beneath turbid sea ice. She has laid dormant until her cool migration is requested upon the transom of such a worthy vessel, as this Ballad weights anchor.

More prominent conjures have little power to counteract the global rise in human temperature: Their power and prowess command dominance over the turbid elements that contain and engulf various offshore leviathans, while Sedna’s power lie’s in harbor with the saline water’s still.

She awakes in a cold blanket to reluctantly trudge equatorial along with her captor’s trite quest; opposing a gulf’s stream to affront ever warmer currents that have no business in the horse latitudes where Neptune’s naked horse run’s wild and keeps southern serpents and bay. Sedna cares nothing for the Roman’s narrow sea.

She envelopes all northern trenches with her Narwhale’s twisted staff to channel the flow of heat that has, thus far, clamed the planet’s restless core. Mid-Atlantic ridged canyons must retain equilibrium or an unbalanced tumult with ensue like hardened boils over fevered skin.

Sailing south, Sedna’s menthol blanket tucks in a grumbling volcanic tumult who’s nightmare no ocean will soon be able to rest, as the oceanic depths finite ability to cool our crusted path lingers. Fissures of fire might soon fracture cold depths to unleash the unstoppable Venetian-like heat that will challenge all wonder.

With the choice of a name, The Albin Ballad sailboat ‘Sedna’ had inadvertently awakened the dormant Inuit Goddess ‘Sedna’ then gave her a seagoing chamber to dwell within. As she piles to southern waters her cold slumber trails behind, slowing black carbon’s melt, methane’s belch, and ozone’s refractory demise.

If she awakens no sleep will remain.