Hi Tom, 

It’s Clay the wayward cousin sailing south for the winter. So far we’ve made it to Beaufort, NC where I’m getting my mainsail patched up after a long windward slog from Norfolk and around Cape Hatteras. Before that we sailed from Fairhaven, MA to Norfolk offshore, what fun!  It seems like the cold weather and storms have been following me south.  My goal is to eventually make it to the Virgin Islands, but I’m going broke faster than I had expected and will shortly need to stop, work, buy new sails, stock up, etc. 
My temp. crew are two college kids along for the ride who have been surprisingly adaptable and robust, and I won’t torture them with any more offshore jumps, or a least until I have a new set of sails.  My next stop it Wilmington where I have a friend to visit, then I’m continuing south to seek work.  I have a 50 ton captain’s license and I’m a  boatwright with as many tools as I could cram aboard. 
I’m just sort of going for it; I had to get out of MA even though I have wonderful friends in the area who i also worked for.  I know finding work and living aboard is a challenge, as the wealthier coastal areas where I’m likely to find work are also the least conducive to anchor outs and liveaboards.  Such is my goal to live well on a budget.  
If you have any insight into local areas in the Hilton Head/Charleston area that I might park for a bit I’d appreciate your knowledge. Regardless, it will be fun to visit and catch up. 
Upon studying the charts I’ve found a few anchorages around Hilton Head that I can drop the hook at for a few days. Broad Creek, Hickory Bluff, and Skull Creek show up on the Active Captain web site, so I’m probably going to one of them. Barring the weather, I should be in the area within 10 days, I’ll keep you posted.
All the best