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November 8th & 9th, 2013

~10 NM offshore from Currituck Beach, NC

36° 22.37’ N, 75° 38.14’ W


After realizing that the weather forecast for the rest of the day on Friday (Nov. 8th) included seas 5-8 ft with a period of 6 seconds for coastal waters off of Virginia and North Carolina, we decided to sit tight for a few more hours. This of course was after we had decided, in our infinite wisdom based on current NOAA predictions, that we’d be leaving that day around noon. Our dinghy was deflated and stored in the v-berth so we were essentially stuck on Sedna for the rest of the day. We spent it lazily checking the weather and our planned navigation route. We slept (or tried to sleep) from about 6pm to midnight, when we awoke to shove off into the Chesapeake. Thinking that a 1:00am departure would mean less of that crazy cargo ship traffic, we were expecting a smooth ride. But we still had to listen attentively to Channel 16, and avoid any oncoming lights. Once we thought we saw a flock of birds chasing a big vessel that was passing us to our port side. After much scrutiny and confusion, we realized that what appeared to be birds diving into the choppy water behind the vessel in the light of its rear running light (presumably to snatch up the bits of fish that were getting caught in the ship’s propeller), was actually frothy foam stirred up by the propulsion. What an odd experience.



With the sunrise came more calm waters as we left the Chesapeake and cruised past Virginia Beach and Currituck Beach.  We enjoyed an abnormally lazy day and early afternoon as we motored south. Sinbad piloted the entire first 20-odd hours of the journey while Clay, Travis, and I kicked back in the sunny cockpit to read, chat, and stare at the waves. Placid water, languid swells, and a smooth ride. It was so warm that we gratefully shed some layers to better bask in the sun. We even had to put on baseball caps and sunscreen! I was almost tempted to jump in for a trail behind the stern. Almost. We must be getting to that warmer weather we all keep dreaming about. What a welcome break.