November 2nd, 2013

Middle of the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Block Island, RI

41° 3.79’ N, 71° 20.16’ W


Leaving Fairhaven Harbor the next morning, optimism was high and spirits were soaring after our wonderful send-off by our Couchsurfing hosts in Fairhaven. Motoring out of Buzzards Bay with a slight puff of wind in our sails, we basked in the sunshine while Sinbad steered us ever on our course around Long Island. Again, as per Sedna’s mode of operation, we made a plan to go through Long Island Sound, passing Port Washington and Port Jefferson until we hit the East River and went past New York City. But at the last minute (the night before in fact), we changed it up again! And decided to go around the outside of Long Island, and follow a rhumb line straight down to the Chesapeake.


That night, while Sinbad diligently followed our 240° bearing to the southwest, Travis and I experienced our first solo night watches. I had been sleeping out in the cockpit in my sleeping bag to provide moral support, when Travis woke me pointing out a pod of about four dolphins that was swimming beside us! They were light gray in the water, so once you knew what you were looking for you could see them zipping back and forth beneath the boat, leaving a trail of bubbles and occasionally coming up for air or a little arching splash. Sedna has called her creatures of the sea to her. We were both delighted and watched them for a good half hour or more before they took off elsewhere. They continued to visit us throughout the night though.


~ Natasha