October 26th, 2013

Marblehead, MA

42° 31.03’ N, 70° 52.19’ W

1) Being dirty before you even begin your journey.

2) Requisite Red Sox watch party – whether or not you actually follow baseball.

3) Hours of cleaning and carpentry work on land that has absolutely no relevance to the boat… except that the money earned all makes it possible! Special shout-out to Judy Gates!

4) Being welcomed into the home of many strangers as close family or friends just for having the title of “Clay’s crew”. Thank you Dick & Dodi Cole, David Fanning & Renata Simone, John & Noreen Rogers, David Breashears, John at the boat shop and all the rest of the Marblehead support network!

5) Necessary trip to Salem, MA for foul weather gear and second-hand warm layers… during Halloween. This means that everyone on the streets, even in the middle of the day, even days before Halloween actually occurs, is in some sort of ridiculous costume. And they amble around as if they didn’t have anything better to do.

6) Meeting people you soon get to call ‘friends’ that would make anyone you know post a namedrop tag on twitter.

7) A thorough (and I mean thorough) “tour” of the boat… which means not only did Clay explain each part of the boat, its engine, its storage, its problems, and its idiosyncrasies, but he pointed every single one out. And then we literally emptied and rearranged every single storage space in the vessel. Every. Single. One.

8) Free, hot, amazingly relaxing and refreshing showers. Along with all-around extremely generous hospitality. Thank you Dick & Dodi!

9) Hours squished together at the navigation table in the boat, trying to decipher & learn how to use the GPS system, a handheld app called Navionics, and nautical charts in general.

10) Planning your first day of sailing to the minute in order to time your passage through the Cape Cod Canal most effectively.

11) Learning to fix broken throttle levers with springs.

12) Sifting through a library book sale for cruising guides for the southern east coast. No such luck.

13) At least 10 separate trips to the hardware store, Home Depot, and Clay’s various locations of stored belongings.

14) A very chaotic supermarket.

15) Getting to dock on a private dock with a hose for rinsing, and a walkway up to a bathroom and shower. =) Thank you John & Noreen!

16) Epoxying a piece of board to make a motor mount for our outboard while underway.

17) Discovering what barnacles look like. And realizing that they do actually try to run for their lives when you scrape them maliciously off the bottom of a dinghy. (I had no idea they squirmed like that!)

18) 25+ gallons of fuel, 10 extra gallons of water plus the onboard tank, 3 dinghies, TONS of food… especially the kind that comes in cans…, foul weather gear, extra sails, 4 anchors, 15+ lines, power tools , hand tools, extra tubes & screws & snaps & cleats & sealant & glue & tape… and so much more! All on the boat.

Thank you AGAIN to: Dick & Dodi Cole, David Fanning & Renata Simone, John & Noreen Rogers, David Breashears, John at the boat shop, and all of the wonderful people who have helped us in Marblehead. Clay also wants to specially thank Alana Rowe for all her hard work in the boat’s restoration. He still considers it partly her boat and she’s welcome aboard and to take command any time. You guys are the best!